Salient Features

Dream School Automation System is equipped with the following features.


Technology has become an un-separated part of our life. Dream School Automation System is presenting the latest school management system which unifies the specialized technologies to nourish the talents of the little stars. We sort all the everyday school-related works to enhance the process of teaching in the long run. Our finest school automation system is able to handle every responsibility and share the user-friendly guide to our clients. The system has made the daily school work so easy that the school management can update any kind of information to the system just by using their smartphone. It can be used from app or any computer.

Secured Storage

Dream School Automation System is the premium school management system that works for maintaining the database storage of the school IT departments. It endures both external and internal system saturation without disturbing the school policies. It also preserves the privacy of the detailed data relating to its clients. The software has the capability to preserve huge data with a proper backup system. It’s a powerful management tool where you can add, update the entire school data, student’s information, staff information, marks, student and staff attendance, and many more. The powerful backup system allows the school management to take a backup of the important data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

24x7 Support

Dream School Automation System is present 24/7 at the clients’ service. Our school management system customer service unit is always active to answer the customers round the clock. Any kind of queries related to the software and its usage are answered very politely and efficiently. The team also guides the clients by providing solutions to several software related problems. We try our best to provide an error-free service to our clients and maintain a reputation for our bright future. We have an excellent track record of accessibility in delivering our services without interruption. For emergency, there is a chatbot, integrated into the software that answers any queries instantly.

Affordable Pricing

Dream School Automation System offers different packages for maintaining the school database to the clients. We have an exceptional arrangement to provide a safeguard for the school database and backup of school data at an affordable price. We maintain a sustainable relationship with our clients for the betterment of a long term relationship goal. After-sale support with complete customer satisfaction helps to boost our work efficiency until its best. The reasonable package includes comprehensible fast responses that attract the customers to avail of our services. We assure you with great accuracy at our work. Approach us anytime whenever an issue arises. 24/7 technical support team is active to solve any technical issues.

Improved User Access

Dream School Automation System has its unique customs for educational institutions. We work for small and big schools with a similar approach. According to the number of staff and students, we set up our management programs. It helps us to work without any interruption. The school management also gets their desired requirements. Our School Automation System is helpful to deal with practical confronts occurring at times. We have experience to handle these issues easily with several techniques. Our system has the competence to resolve the problems and it gives the prospects to the teachers and the administrative stuff to involve more in student assessment and making their records.

Simplied UI

Our School Automation System works in an excellent operating environment. Its exceptional design and the user-friendly system help to rank itself on top of the educational system software list. Dream School Automation System can be streamed in any famous browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. without creating any issues. The School Automation System is platform-independent. The school management can easily access their accounts anywhere any time they require. The software can be accessed through a mobile app installed on smartphones, can access from anywhere.



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